cloth bags and paper bags who can occupy the green bag throne

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Just as cloth bags and paper bags who can occupy the green bag throne
Since the "plastic limit order", non-woven bags and paper bags have become the best leader of environmental protection shopping bags, but for the relationship between the two, is the non-woven bags can better adapt to the title? Or is a paper bag more appropriate for the throne? First of all, for environmental protection shopping bag, its first performance is in the protection of the environment! Environmental protection: for non-woven cloth bags (advertising bags), it can be degraded in natural conditions after about 90 days, at the same time, if it is burned, it will not produce odor or toxic gas, not residual debris; For paper bag, it in the process of production will damage to the environment, so as to damage the environment, at the same time, the thin film on the surface of the paper is to let it cannot be degradation within a short period of time, and in a timely manner is to burn to shorten the time of the disappeared, but the process of gas not only has a harm to the environment, at the same time, also has certain harm to the health of human body to us! Maybe your view of the above is not fully accepted, so you might as well to the actual situation in our life to decide to not better than, we can talk to, for example: when you buy paper bags from shopping mall goods, long time without the use of non-woven bags, water repellency not non-woven bags of water resistance, not out at a stroke, my believe in everyone's eyes can see phenomenon will let you know what's the difference between the non-woven bags and paper bags, at the same time, and who can be an asset to the environmental protection shopping bag "superpower" title!

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