Correctly recognize the value of non-woven bags

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Correctly recognize the value of non-woven bags
Non-woven bags for everyone should not be unfamiliar, many shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets in "plastic limit order", use "non-woven" do shopping bags, and get a lot of customer recognition and favor. But yesterday, environmental experts have said, "non-woven cloth bags" than plastic bags are more harmful to the environment. After the introduction of plastic limit, governments at all levels, public welfare organizations and enterprises are trying their best to promote environmental protection shopping bags, because of the low cost of non-woven bags, become the largest replacement of plastic bags. "People have a misinterpretation of non-woven bags, should be corrected." Experts believe that the large number of non-woven bags will cause a latent crisis, greater expansion of resources, greater damage to the environment. The key to deal with this crisis is to increase the use rate of non-woven bags, so the quality of a non-woven bags is particularly important. Just as cloth bag is made with plastic non-textile cloth, a lot of people think that the cloth is a natural material, is actually a misunderstanding. The commonly used non-woven materials are polypropylene (PP in English, commonly known as polypropylene) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET in English, commonly known as polyester), and the raw material of plastic bags is polyethylene. Although the names of the two substances are similar, they are far from each other in chemical structure. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene is quite stable and difficult to degrade, so it takes 300 years to decompose plastic bags. Polypropylene, on the other hand, has a weak chemical structure, and its molecular chains break easily, thus effectively degrading and entering the next environmental cycle in a non-toxic form. A harmless cloth bag can be completely decomposed in 90 days. In essence, polypropylene (PP) is a typical type of plastic, and only produces 10 percent of the pollution of plastic bags. Non-woven bags, now the government officially issued the "ban plastic order" non-woven bags quickly spread, but the current use of the situation found many problems:
1. In order to reduce the cost, many enterprises print pattern ink on non-woven bags, which does great harm to people's health. I have talked about whether the printing of environment-friendly bags is environmentally friendly or not in other topics. 
2. The mass distribution of nonwoven cloth bag makes some home the number of nonwoven cloth bags are almost more than plastic bags, can not use is a waste of resources
3. The non-woven fabric from texture for he is not environmental protection, because it is the same as the composition of plastic bags are polypropylene and polyethylene are difficult to degradation, is to promote it says he environmental protection because of its thickness is higher than plastic bags, strong toughness is helpful for repeated use, can be recycled to reuse it this bag is suitable for the company is not very strong, want to advocate environmental protection instead of plastic bags and paper bags, distributed in the exhibition, event promotion for free is also very practical, effect is, of course, and make your own style and quality is proportional to the, so careful others use it as garbage bags. 
According to non-woven bag manufacturers, plastic bags are one of China's bulk export commodities, non-woven bags will become a substitute for plastic bags. The "white pollution" caused by plastic bags has drawn increasing attention and sparked environmental debate. "White pollution" is an appellation for the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste. Plastic bags are discarded as garbage or sent to landfills, and it takes 400 years for them to break down. Increasingly, across Europe and the rest of the world, measures are being taken to limit the number of plastic bags available in shops. These reasons are leading to non-woven bags instead of plastic bags key. 
Non-woven fabric affects the growth rate of factors, all factors affecting the growth of man-made fibers can be more or less on the man-made fiber as a raw material of the textile has a certain impact, the largest impact on non-woven bags. The influence of population growth on non-woven fabrics is smaller than that of other textiles used for clothing. However, population growth is also an important factor when considering the important application of non-woven cloth in infant diapers. The partial replacement of natural fibers has a great impact on textiles, but not on non-woven fabrics, because the production of non-woven fabrics basically depends on man-made fibers. 
We all know that plastic bags are white pollutants, is the killer of environmental pollution, if you are still using disposable plastic bags, then you must be an environmentally unfriendly person. Most people know that plastic bags pollute the air, use non-woven bags, go out shopping self-provided non-woven bags, both environmental protection and thrifty performance, reflects our traditional virtues. 
Non-woven bags are not only environmentally friendly but also fashionable. Do not worry now, environmental protection has become a hot element in the world, magical designers can make the ordinary environmental protection bags produced by the non-woven cloth bag factory rich in "intelligence" and "aesthetic feeling". 
Big only light color environmental protection bag, is the most easily matched style, simple design makes the use of pure color especially eye-catching, only need simple T-shirt shorts can build super big brand style. 
Currently the usage of non-woven bag is improving step by step, a lot of people are beginning to get into the habit of take reusable bags with them shopping, but compared with some developed countries for our environmental protection concept remains to be improved greatly, on the way to implement environmental protection shopping we still have a long way to go, really do green shopping need our concrete actions, all need to start from the self. Our life needs non-woven bags.

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